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APVMS Video Server APVS Group Complete Solutions - The APVS Group provides a complete Enterprise Video Surveillance Solution which includes Video Surveillance Servers, IP & Analog Cameras (APVS Series), Video Management Software (APVMS), License Plate Recognition, Threat Intelligence / Video Analytics, Remote Connection, Sales, Installation, Service and Support


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APVS Surveillance Equipment APVS Video Surveillance Equipment - The A+ Video Surveillance (APVS) Line includes Servers, Video Access Stations, IP Cameras (including Mega-Pixel, Thermal and PTZ), IP Encoders, Analog Cameras (including PTZ) and Accessories
APVMS Video Management System APVMS Video Management System - The A+ Video Management System (APVMS) is an Enterprise Class Surveillance Solution including software suites ranging from Enterprise Class down to Basic configurations
APVMS License Plate Recognition APLPR License Plate Recognition - The A+ License Plate Recognition (APLPR) works in conjunction with APVMS
APVS - Video Analytics / Threat Intelligence APTI Threat Intelligence / Video Analytics - A+ Threat Intelligence (APTI) uses our Video Analytic Algorithms for Motion Detection, Object Tracking, Recognition (including LPR), Tamper Detection, Perimeter Detection, Counting, Heat Maps, Video Stabilization as well as other Video Analytic options available for use in applications such as Asset Protection, Perimeter Protection, Data Mining, Retail, Transportation / Traffic Management and Access Control
  APVMS Broadcast Server APVMS Broadcast Server - The A+ Broadcast Server allows for a secure connection for remote viewing of Surveillance Video

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A+ Systems Group, a division of a A Plus Security, Inc. provides adaptive technology & security solutions for personal, government, and business needs by networking proven state-of-the-art technology with customized, integrated software designs to protect and monitor sensitive locations with 24-hour coverage. We can be contacted by calling (800) 487-7880 or at www.aplusworld.com.